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Rookie scribe


1. What's your favourite part of Winter?

I love the rain too but am always cold so snuggling up with my cats and electric blanket is the best - also wearing warm clothes and eating/drinking warm food like porridge and hot chocolate! 


2. What technology do you think they'll have in 500 years?

Hmm - I'm not sure, but maybe stuff in movies like The Hitchhiker's Guide where they think of the food they want and the machine makes it, or the touch screen things in Avatar or the really advanced medical technology in Elysium?


3. If you were a character in fiction, who would you be and why? 

Definitely a combo of Leslie from Parks and Rec, Amy from B99 and Jane from Jane the Virgin because I'm very passionate about my work and generally follow my heart over my head. 


4. What's your secret talent, party trick, or favourite joke?

Eek - I'm not really sure. I can do some fancy yoga poses and touch my nose with my tongue but that is about it... 


5. What's your favourite thing about ReachOut and/or the new update?

I'm new here and only discovered this community today but am already feeling more connected than I was just through reading people's threads and am really keen to just have cool chats about stuff! 

Who rated this post