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Hi everyone, I am so excited to be joining as a builder on this amazing platform.

I first heard about ReachOut when I was looking for different volunteer opportunities associated with adolescent mental health. 


I am very new so I do not have a favourite thread yet but I am sure I will have many in time!


I decided to become a Builder because I too have dealt with my own struggles related to anxiety and low mood so I wanted to be able to offer support and guidance to those going through a similar thing.


During the day I mostly just work (boring!) and spend time with friends when I can. I am planning on returning to study next year so trying to make the most of not having any pressing deadlines. 


I wish I had a weird hobby, mine are mostly very basic like reading and watching Netflix. My most favourite thing to do is to spend time at the beach with a good book so I will do that any chance I can get.


My all time favourite TV show is Law and Order! I love crime shows and anything involving a mystery. 

Who rated this post