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Hi @bryana


TAFE courses can be hard, I struggled with mine a fair bit because of anxiety and concentration issues.


I think that often courses are designed so much for people without learning difficulties that they forget to make things accesible for people who do...

I don't think that you're the problem here, I think that maybe the course has to be adapted to what works for you.


When I was doing my course I needed accomodations like doing exams in a different room. I also left the house at set times every week to go and do my homework somewhere where there were fewer distractions which stopped me putting it off as much.


If you want, I could talk with you about getting extra or more useful accomadations from your tafe, or also about ways you can change how you study so that it suits you better.

I also know a few things that can help with memory if you're intrested in that.

Who rated this post