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@Taylor-RO HAHAHA the oval 

We do that too, but in the middle of the oval with people exercising around us. No shame.

The Olympics has been on the whole time in this house except for breaks to watch Bluey and Blaze, are the kids shows the break, or are the Olympics the break from the kids shows!? Nobody knows.


Our biggest little guy likes to watch it and has been the gymnastics and likes to copy the routines which is fun, and kept us very occupied over the last few days while waiting for covid results, not being able to go for walks etc (and I also built an indoor climbing frame for him so he might stop climbing on everything else lol... we'll see about that) so as you can imagine there is lots of climbing and jumping/gymnastics, at our place at the minute. We  had the Judo on but when we heard the words "bang" "Kick them" "ohhh ha ha ha bang, BODY SLAM hello * insert baby's name here* " we very quickly turned something else on. 

It's kind of hectic. 

Feeling for all you Sydney peeps 

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