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Hey @PleaseStay Thank you for sharing this with us. You're really brave to talk about this and we're glad that you're here. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this. Being guilt-tripped is always awful and it's hard when people around you don't understand you. 


I can relate to having difficulties expressing myself. It's hard to talk about how we're feeling and it makes it harder when people don't respond well. Something that helped me was reading some tips. The ones that were helpful for me were reading tips on how to tackle difficult conversations, and how to talk about your mental health. There's also an emotions wheel that helped me find the right words.


The priority is to look after yourself. Not everyone will understand or know how to support you in the way you need. If someone reacts negatively, you can choose to give them space or offer some more information. Conversations are not a one-way street - you can do your best to talk about how you're feeling, but the other person has to be open to hearing you too.


You're not alone, PleaseStay, and I'm glad you can talk here about how you're feeling 💙

Who rated this post