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@Anonymous I think it's totally normal to be nervous about your parents finding out - can I ask whether they would generally be people you feel you could talk to about things, or who would try to support you?
Re: confidentiality, I think what @StormySeas17 has written is so true - generally a school counsellor wouldn't disclose anything about your meetings with them to anyone, unless they were concerned for your safety.
In my experience, counsellors and helplines are very happy to talk through confidentiality before you share anything with them.

We wanted to follow up because in some of your posts, you've mentioned a decision you've made, and keeping your story short to escape the suffering. We'd like to ask if you could please let us know what you mean when you say those things, because we're concerned for you and worried you might be thinking of ending your life. Are you safe at the moment?

Also, we'd really like to ask you if you could please be mindful of our guidelines in posting about topics such as self harm or suicide because they can be distressing for people reading, particularly when they're not sure if you're safe. We have a really helpful resource here about how to post safely about suicide on the forums that might be good to read through.

We're really glad you feel able to share your thoughts with us here - we're here to support you.

Who rated this post