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I'm sorry you're feeling excluded and like you don't fit in @Akinna😞 I would have been kind of freaked out by overhearing a conversation about pushing me off something, it sounds like they were being kind of mean?


I think I can appreciate where you're coming from, I've never felt like I fit in or understood people my age, but more because I was 'immature'? Like I was never into partying and stuff at school which was what all the 'grown up' kids were doing, lol. Really, I think people just have their own crowd and if people make you feel bad if you're 'different', then what does it say about them? I think everyone can (understandably) get so worried about belonging that they hide who they truly are to 'fit in', and it leads to the sense that everyone is the same? I don't know if that makes sense or if I'm rambling lol


Camping sounds fun, and I think being nice to these people is very good of you. Don't be afraid to speak up if they're being mean though, because you don't deserve to be made to feel bad about yourself. Is there anyone who could help you out with this?


I can relate a lot to going to parties or social events and then not wanting to be there because you feel out of place. Literally this one time I just left without saying goodbye (except to one friend) because I didn't think anyone would notice.

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