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Hi @Thatblondegirl, it must have been so difficult to hear that your case manager is leaving. I can imagine that you might have felt a whole range of emotions - upset, lonely, lost and scared. It can be quite confronting to learn that you will no longer have that support in your life, especially if you really got along with that professional. It is so great that you are thinking of how to manage once your case manager leaves - this is often a difficult type of thing to have to think about. Do you know when they are leaving? I hope developing a plan with your case manager is helpful too! I am sure they will have some great suggestions.


Here are some things that I can think of to get you started (the list isn't exhaustive and I don't want to overwhelm you either!):


  • Professional supports - a different case manager, social worker, psychologist, counsellor, psychiatrist or GP. 
  • Distraction strategies - we have a list of them here. You could pick out some of your favourite ones.
  • You could reflect on what you have learnt from your case manager - what are some skills, tools or key teachings?
  • I am not sure what your interests are but perhaps you could take up a hobby? Or there might be some parent groups in your community?

Please feel free to keep us updated and to share what you have found helpful Heart

Who rated this post