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I'm really glad to hear that you're safe at the moment. It sounds like you're dealing with a lot, intrusive thoughts can be super overwhelming so really well done for reaching out for some support.


That's really awesome that you managed to fight the urge to self-harm, even if it was because of the reasons you listed, it's still an achievement. Having distractions is actually a really helpful way to get through the urge. Are there other things you could do that might be good as a distraction?

I'm wondering if you've talked to your GP or a psychologist about how you're feeling? If you feel like you need to chat to someone when you're feeling suicidal, the Suicidal Callback Service is available 24/7.


(Also just letting you know that I’ve edited your post slightly to take out the method of self-harm. This can be triggering to other community members and we want everyone to stay safe 😊)

Who rated this post