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TW : Body Image on Social Media

Hi all 👋


Some celebrities are known for promoting some really specific ideas around body image. It is really disappointing to see celebrities endorsing a 'diet culture', and we thought it would be a good opportunity to open up this conversation in the community.


Getting to a point where you feel comfortable in your own body can take a lot of work. With social media, movies, TV shows and magazines constantly pushing Euro-centric beauty standards (the ridiculous ideal that being thin, light skinned, having straight hair, a small nose etc is the most desirable way to look), it's no surprise that the majority of us are made to feel like we need to change how we look. This can lead to us having low self-confidence, social anxiety, depression, eating disorders and more. So how do we fight against the untrue views about our bodies that we're brainwashed with?


  • Unfollow all those influencers and celebs that make you feel rubbish about your body! Whether they are constantly promoting some load of rubbish diet plan, they're sharing toxic views on exercise and how to 'get shredded' or just being outright fatphobic - get them off your feed! Take some time to look for some new people to follow that have diverse bodies of different sizes, backgrounds, abilities and looks. Seeing a whole range of bodies whilst you scroll can really help normalise that we are all built different and are all allowed to feel beautiful. 


  • Get rid of those clothes in your wardrobe that don't fit you anymore. You know the ones you're keeping for 'one day when you fit into them again'? Every time you see them hanging there it's going to trigger you feeling ashamed, guilty, and not good enough. We don't need that! Sell them online, donate them to an op shop or do a swap with a friend. Treat yourself to a new outfit that does fit your body in the present moment, and wear it with pride! And if you're not quite at that point in your relationship with your body, try concentrating on accessories or a make-up look that makes you feel super confident instead. 


  • Try adding in some movement into your week. And swapping the thought of exercising to 'lose weight' or 'get toned' and instead concentrate on moving your body to feel good. Movement comes in so many different forms, so find something that you actually enjoy! That could be walking your dog, doing some stretches before bed, rolling around the block, joining a sports club, training for a fun run, going for a swim, dancing in your pajamas, trying out a new class - whatever it is that works for you.


  • Chat to your GP or therapist if you're struggling. As I've said, making friends with your body isn't always easy. It can be super helpful to have the support of some professionals whilst you're working on your relationship with your body.  You can also share how you're feeling here in the community, we're always here to support you too. I chatted a bit more about body image recently here, feel free to have a read through 🙂


As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic! How do you feel when celebrities share harmful views about body image? What are some ways you've been able to start feeling better about your body? What's your body's favourite activity that makes you feel good?

Who rated this post