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I have to acknowledge how well you dealt with this situation, @DrummaBoy but also how hurtful that conversation with your mum would have been. 


Defending your identity and community to a loved one is such a difficult thing to do. I can imagine how hard it was to keep your cool, calm your nerves and defend yourself - but you did it in such a measured and powerful way. 


I'm relieved that your mum stopped and listened to what you had to say and apologised for hurting you. To me, that shows growth and gives me hope that she'll change her tune as she continues to understand your identity. 


In saying that, it's perfectly reasonable that you'd walk away from that chat with mixed feelings. It's a lot to process, and I'm so glad you're here with us so we can support you along the way. It's also great to hear that you have a psychologist to debrief with and close queer friends around you. 


We are always here to cheer you on, hear you out and celebrate you. 


Have a great catch up with your friend and hope to hear from you soon! 



Who rated this post