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Reading your post@DrummaBoy I felt I was on that roller coaster with you so I can't even imagine what it felt like to live it! Of course such harsh, uncalled for words from a loved one would be devestating but I want to applaud and acknowledge the way you handled it with such humanity despite vile words being hurled at you. I imagine your mother is looking this through the only lens she knows, one influenced by the patriarchy and toxic masculinity. Having to defend such a fundamental part of your identity in this day and age is telling of how much work is still to be done to let people of the LGBTIQ+ community enjoy equal rights. Standing up to your mum and opening up your vulnerabilities would have required tremendous courage and the community thanks you for that 🌈 

your mums ability to stop and recognise is giving me hope that she has the capacity for growth and acceptance, it just might take some time. I'm so glad you were able to debrief with your psychologist and got the support you needed nim also super pumped you've incorporated self-care because you absolutely deserve to treat yourself Treat Yourself Donna Meagle GIF by Parks and Recreation

the beauty about this online coolmmuniry is that when you feel you aren't getting enough support in real life, you will always have a place on here for the good, the bad and the ugly. We'll ride this roller coaster together because nobody deserves to struggle alone so I'm glad you came back when you realised you needed a top up on support. 
I guess what I'll leave you with is that I see potential with your mum and if you can continue to have these conversations with her at your own pace she may come to realise she has nothing to fear. In the meantime, keep being you unapologetically 💜

Who rated this post