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Hey @Moonpearl😊


Thank you for posting up how you're feeling ❤️ We've had quite a lot of discussion in the community around body image recently, so you're not alone in dealing with these thoughts. Feeling comfortable and confident in your body can be really tough.


It sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment with school. And then dealing with the situation with the guy you liked too, that's a lot! I'm really sorry you had to deal with his inconsiderate actions. It sounds like he really disregarded your feelings and trust. It's totally understandable that you would be feeling really hurt. Have you been able to chat to any friends or family about how this made you feel?


You've mentioned that you want to lose weight, can I ask why that is? I know we can feel like gaining weight is a 'bad' thing and something we need to 'fix', but focusing on weight loss can be really damaging to our self-esteem and mental health too. We want to make sure we're looking after our bodies and brains in the best way possible. Butterfly Foundation are amazing if you wanted to chat to someone over the phone or via webchat. This article is from their website and has some really helpful tips 😊 We also had a really good chat about this as a community that you might want to have a look over here.


(Also just letting you know that I edited your post slightly. We need to make sure that everyone is safe in the community as certain topics can be triggering, especially when talking about weight loss. Have a look over our guidelines for a refresh 😊)


Who rated this post