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It's election time!

Voting Election 2020 GIF by Jelly London


It's election time! And whether you're heading to the polls this weekend, or have already submitted your postal vote - we can feel a lot of emotions in the lead up to and after the results. There's so much to consider, especially as a young person, when you're choosing who you'd like to run the country - the climate crisis, cost of living, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander rights, the economy, safety for LGBTQIA+ people, support for disabled people and so much more. It can be a whole lot to take in, process and understand.


 Having conversations about politics with friends or family that have different views, can exacerbate that overwhelm even more. This might end up in us feeling frustrated, upset or unheard. Plus, once we find out who wins the election, there's potential to feel disappointed and worried about our future too. Like I say, a lot of emotions! We put together this really helpful guide on how to cope with the range of situations or difficult conversations that might come up around election time.

But I wanted to reach out and ask how you're all feeling about it? What are some tips you have to look after yourself during this time? 
Pop your thoughts in the comments and as I'm sure you all will, lets keep it respectful

Who rated this post