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hey @StormySeas17 I wrote a reply before but I don't think it went through! I just wanted to say that I'm really impressed and proud of you for setting boundaries in so many areas of your life, it must have been stressful and taken a lot of strength. I'm inspired by you 🙂 


I read a post online recently that I think you might get something out of. I will include it as a screenshot at the end of this reply because I don't think reachout liked it when I posted a link. but basically, we often think of setting boundaries as something we do against other people, something we have to do to fight for our rights even though it hurts and upsets others. But we can actually think of setting boundaries as something we do for other people as well as ourselves, because it makes our relationships clearer and safer for everyone involved, and that benefits everyone. I hope that makes sense? obviously a lot of people do get mad when we set boundaries 😑 but I liked the reminder that boundaries aren't just a way of putting ourselves first, they are also a way to help others feel safer with us. 



Who rated this post