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The delivery boy arrived at his destination. He had travelled by electric scooter this time, as his previous attempt at facing the evening traffic was what you might call 'unsuccessful'. Unfortunately, despite this faster transportation, the taco he was delivering was cold. He hoped it would not affect his delivery rating. It was winter, after all. He rang the doorbell of the house. The doorbell had one of those security cameras built into it, which seemed odd. The opaque windows had a strange pattern to them. There were squiggly lines that almost seemed to move like snakes. It was an unnerving sight. The door burst open and the delivery boy jumped out of his skin. He let out a small yelp, almost dropping the taco, as a menacing figure came towards him. It was like something out of a horror film. The man wore all white except for a black cage-like mask which completely covered his face. 


The man laughed, taking off his mask, explaining that this was his fencing gear. It seemed like this was a regular prank he played on people. The delivery boy was in too much shock to be angry, handed over the taco, and went back to his scooter. It was going to be another long night...


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