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Hi @nayuta thank you for reaching out and sharing with us today. Anxiety on its own can be so hard to deal with so i'm sorry to hear that you've had to manage it all by yourself without the support of your family. I can hear just how hard you've been working to get your anxiety under control and that just shows how strong you are. I was just wondering if you have ever spoken to anyone about your anxiety? Whether it be another family member or even a health professional.

If you are up for a bit of a read, we have some great articles on Anxiety, including creating an action plan. There are also a number of great support services available to help you learn to manage it too.

You mentioned that you don't have anyone you can ask for advice, but I just want to say that you have us. Just remember that you're not alone and you have the whole ReachOut community behind you 💜

Who rated this post