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Hi @nayuta


I just want to let you know that you are very brave for reaching out and seeking support, even though it's online and anonymous - it takes a lot of courage to articulate your feelings and sharing you experience to people. As Courtney previous mentioned, we're all here for you even if you just want to share your feelings and stories. I'm very sorry to hear that what you're going through is interfering with your uni life and going outside at the moment. I'm even more disheartened to hear that your family is not taking you seriously. It sounds like it must feel invalidated and confused. I can imagine It must've already taken a lot of courage to bring this up to them in the first place. 


If you haven't already come across it, here is an article is on social anxiety. However, please note that I am definitely not a health professional and this is absolutely not meant to be a diagnosis. Nontheless, the article contains an overview, some insights and practical tips towards social anxiety that you can know more about. Please note again that this is not intended to be a diagnosis or the suggestion for one. If you find yourself interested then finding a health professional might be extremely helpful.


Don't mean to bombard you with questions after the ones already in the previous replies, but do you feel you get anxious when talking to anyone? Or perhaps just people you don't know well? Or perhaps just people that you think will most definitely judge you?


Let us know what you think! We'll always be here to listen


Thanks heaps.

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