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TW: Struggling to start a conversation about abuse

I dont really know what to say here but i guess ill just start with my problem, I was abused when i was a lot younger than i am now(19) i cant even remember how old i was, and when it happened i thought nothing of it as i just didnt know, 

It was only when i was in grade 8 that i realised what actually happened and it slowly started to affect me more and more i never talked to anyone about it because im the sort of person to just 'suck it up' and i dont want to bother people with my problems.

But ive realised how its effecting me more now as i get uncomfortable around some people especially if they're close to me and i feel like theres no way out, i also dont trust people easily that are similar age to what he was, as the person who abused me was someone whom i (and many other people) thought we could trust and more recently ive been getting irritated easily at some of my good mates 


But i need to talk to my friends about it because its still affecting me a lot more than i think, but i just feel like i dont want to weigh them down with this, and make them worry 

Who rated this post