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Hi @Magenta_Yak thank you for being brave and sharing with us today. I know how scary it can be to reach out for support, so I want to say well done for taking this step. Firstly, as you have mentioned abuse, I just want to check that you are safe right now? You are important to us and so we always want to make sure you are safe. I also just wanted to let you know quickly that I have edited your post to include a TW.


I'm sorry to hear that you are going through so much right now and that you are becoming more aware of just how much this has affected you. Having to manage something as hard and heavy as this can be really tough, especially if your doing this all on your own. You mentioned that you would like to talk to your friends, but I am also wondering if you have spoken to anyone else about this at all? I can only imagine how hard it must be to go through so much by yourself. What kind of supports have you got around you right now? If you would like to talk to someone, there are some really great support services out there like Kidshelpline and 1800respect


I think its really great to hear that you are wanting to talk to your mates about this, it proves just how brave and courageous you are. If you are up for a bit of reading, we do have an article on talking to someone you trust and Coping which might be worth having a look at. I just want to add that opening up is a very personal thing and its up to you as to how much you feel comfortable sharing. Don't forget that you are important too, so what kind of things have you found that help you get through a tough week?


I just want to remind you that you are not alone and we are always here for you 💜

Who rated this post