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Hey Akinna, nice to hear from you. I completely understand your hesitation around meeting up with a new psychiatrist, especially if you've been let down by mental health professionals in the past. I can definitely relate to this experience. When I was first looking for a psychologist, it felt like dating - I would go meet this person, and we either wouldn't 'click' or they just didn't know how to help me or to meet my needs. Luckily, I kept searching and finally found someone that really works for me, so I hope that that gives you a bit of hope that it is possible to find someone that works for you (hopefully this next psych!).


It seems totally fair to be confused and a bit uncertain about getting a new psych, but it sounds like you're planning on preparing some good information like a timeline of your mental health and how it affects you so that you guys can get the ball rolling straight away. You mentioned that Friday might bring about a change to your medication - how are you feeling about that possibility?


As for the idea of changing jobs, I definitely get your hesitation around that too. Trying to manage your mental health when it's bad AND working is a huge commitment, and can sap a lot of energy. It sounds like your parents are keen for you to get a new job, but ultimately you know what you need, and if that's to stay in a job where you are comfortable and familiar with everything while you navigate these changes in your personal life, I think that's a really mature and thoughtful decision.


Personally, I've found that any kind of work can be a little tough when you're struggling with feeling depressed or exhausted, but that good support goes a long way in the workplace. For me, when I've been struggling in the past, it's made a huge difference to work at places where I feel a) comfortable and supported and b) passionate or at least content with the work I'm doing. That could look very different for different people, but I feel like as long as work isn't bringing you heaps of stress and turmoil, then work wherever it makes you happy😃 There's no rush to jump into a new job just because you've finished your TAFE coursework, especially if you've got other priorities like looking after your mental health. Other job opportunities will be there when you're ready to take them if now doesn't feel like the right time. You mentioned that work has been wiping you out lately and that you've been struggling to get through your shifts. Does your manager know that you're having a tough time?

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