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Hey @HappyApples

Im so glad you shared what you do around father days to help, as youre so right, special occasions like mothers day and father day can often be a really difficult time for those who have lost their mum or dad, and for those who dont know them.


I cant imagine what it would have been like growing up seeing all the other kids make father days gifts or cards when you didnt have your dad. That must have been really hard.


Having an inner chat or even outloud chat with someone youve lost whether at their resting place or just whenever and wherever can be so powerful. Its really great to hear that you feel safe and at peace their, maybe even more connected with him when you go to his resting place.


In my culture, we visit the grave and bring their favourite foods on special occasions. We share the food with them spiritually and celebrate their life that we had with them.  I know this may seem odd for others, but is this something you could do too do you think? 






Who rated this post