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Reminders with people who are going through anxiety

Some reminders to hear today for people going through anxiety ❤️

You are bigger than your anxiety - sometimes it feels like your anxiety is really big and there’s no way to get around it. But in reality, anxiety is a mechanism in your body to protect yourself and it’s all about just turning the false alarm off. You are bigger than your emotions and are fully in control of everything. 

Do your best today - sometimes it’s about just getting through a couple of minutes or a couple of hours or just the day. Whatever it may be, acknowledge any progress you’ve made to feel better, no matter how big or small. I’m proud of you. 

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be - sometimes it feels like you’re not where you’re supposed to be, that you’ve steered off the right track or that you’re scared of now things that may happen or have happened are exactly where you’re supposed to be, everything (even good and bad) that’s happening will get an experience out of it.


Because just a shout out to myself (I recommend you do the same): I’ve made a lot of progress with my anxiety from being able to absorb my emotions and just reacting to it to getting back on track again, making a conscious effort to relax and get through distorted thinking. 

You are stronger and wiser than you think. 
I leave my love and peace to everyone going through this, I’m/a whole lot of other people are with you who go through it. You never have to do it alone ❤️

Who rated this post