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Hi @Samm, welcome back to the forums 😊 It’s really nice to hear from you again and to hear that you have been feeling a lot better in regard to your anxiety and depression. That is truly a testament to you and your courage to reach out for support when you need it. 


Thank you for sharing with us a bit about what your fear of sleep looks like for you. I am sorry to hear that things have been getting more difficult for you in this regard. It sounds like the past month has been an uphill battle with your fears around sleep, and I imagine it has been an awfully draining and worrying time for you. I am wondering if your psychologist is aware of how bad things have gotten over this past month? 


Have you been able to find anything that helps you feel more safe while you’re in the midst of experiencing these fears? 


You mentioned that your psychologist has recommended EMDR, and that you’re unsure of how it works and how it could help. I came across a resource that shares a range of video clips about EMDR, you can flick through these here if you’d like to learn a bit more about the treatment. The BlackDog Institute also has a bit of info on EMDR that might be worth looking into, which you can find here


I thought it might also be worth sharing two other forums that might help you to connect with others experiencing something similar to you, or where you can read through threads that you can relate to. There is one called SANE and another called BeyondBlue


I want to remind you that you are not alone, the team at ReachOut are here🙂

Who rated this post