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I’m terrified of going into work…

Hi everyone,

this is my first time posting, I’ve felt so much supportive energy here (appreciation and kudos to everyone) so I wanted to try reach out as well. 

I feel like so many factors are in play in my situation…and I’m feeling really overwhelmed.

I have been struggling with social anxiety as far as I can remember, and it’s gotten worse since I’ve moved here couple years ago. Australia is a lovely place but due to my social anxiety stopping me making connections with people, I still don’t see myself as being very familiar with the culture…

I’ve gotten a nightfill job at a supermarket, (working for about 2 weeks now. And I am terrified of going into work. The fear of dragging my colleagues down/leading them to take up my workload because I’m not picking things up fast enough has been unbearable. 

Rationally, I know that picking new skills and knowledge takes time, but I’ve been having a hard time convincing myself it’s okay and that my colleagues don’t hate me for being slow…

My body shakes and I’ve had an anxiety attack on the job yesterday which made it even more painful and scary. I did manage to push through the shift by doing deep breathing but I felt terrible and on the edge of crying the whole time.

I’ve used services such as Lifeline to help me push through the outbursts of anxiety and stress, but I’d really love to hear you guys sharing your experiences if you don’t mind and have some support from different people.


Thank you so much for reading this post, and I hope you’ll be having a much better day. Sorry if this sounds like a mess as I really couldn’t think straight at the moment. 


Who rated this post