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Hey @Pyrotechnic and welcome back to the forums! 👋


Thank you for coming back and updating us on what's been going on for you. It sounds like the last few years have been a bit of a rollercoaster with all the hardships you have had to face and all that you have achieved. How are you feeling about it all?


I'm sorry to hear that this year has been so difficult for you. It can be so hard when we see just how good life can get and then something else happens to drag us back down again. Have you been able to find anything that helps to distract you during these difficult times? 


You mentioned that you haven't self-harmed in two months and I just want to say a huge well done!! That is such incredible news and I honestly think that's a testament to just how strong you are as a person. You deserve to be proud of yourself 👏 I'm not sure if you're interested at all, but I recently came across this great article on Self-Care for Self-Harm and wonder if maybe it might help you at all. 


Just remember that we're always here to support you.


I'm also going to send you an email to check in, so please keep an eye out for that 😊

Who rated this post