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Hey @Jardin

Gosh, it sounds like you've had a really exhausting past couple of days...I am so sorry to hear you've been struggling with your living situation at the moment. I can relate in the sense that I am a very non-confrontational person...any form of conflict makes me retreat into that little shell of mine and isolate from those at the cause of it. So I can imagine how difficult your living situation would be at the minute. It seems like your doing a great job at prioritising your own needs and taking necessary steps to look after yourself. You should be really proud! 


When I find myself struggling through these overwhelming stages of life, whether it be with uni, my social relationships, my family situation, or work life...I find comfort in taking a long walk, watching one of my favourite TV shows, or reading a book to take my mind off things...these are the things I love! What kinds of things do you love to do with your spare time? And what are you studying at Uni?


Always here for a little chit chat! 🙂

Who rated this post