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@Tulip_Finch  Hey, is everything okay?


It seems like things are really tough for you....


I just read your other post regarding your father's death. I am really sorry for your loss. Losing someone in your life is a hard thing and losing your parent is like getting a scar that'll always be there.


I can only imagine what you're going through right now. It's really brave of you to reach out to us and talk about it. Thank you for trusting us.


You mentioned in your post that life is a mess since your Dad left.... if you're okay with it, would you like to talk more about the mess you're facing right now and how are things impacting your daily life? 


I understand it is a sensitive topic and we respect your decision not to disclose but I just want to let you know that if you ever want to talk/vent about anything, we are all here for you. Even if we are not physically beside you, we are with you virtually, and we're listening to you.

We've got your back...


Having said that, if you ever feel that you need urgent help with your mental health due to all the things going around you, please do reach out to the mental health line at 1300 or you can look at their services on this website Help lines, counselling and support groups | Health and wellbeing | Queensland Government (www.qld.g...


Sometimes talking to people, and reminding yourself that there people standing with you -including your dad,(who'll always be alive in your heart, memories and the values you carry from him)- can help you get through the darkest days. 


Take care.

Who rated this post