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Hey @ashh


Thank you for posting here. I'm proud of you for being courageous and sharing your thoughts and feelings.

It's completely valid for you to feel down. So many people may look like they have everything together but in reality, everyone has their own struggles in the background. 


It sounds like you're really worried about your parents knowing that you have self-harmed. It can definitely be a scary conversation to have. Have you talked with them before more deeply just about your feelings? 

I'm sorry to hear your parents felt that you don't need help because you seem from the outside to be 'perfectly fine'. I want to reiterate here, that you are entitled to all of the help you feel you need, and in fact, I'm so proud of you for recognizing that and posting here as a first step. Your feelings are valid. 


I hope the forums can be a place for you to just vent and receive some comfort. 💙

Who rated this post