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Hi @Page welcome to the ReachOut community, it's really nice to have you here!

Thanks for telling us a bit about whats going on for you, it sounds those bad days have been showing up more frequently lately. Sounds really tough to deal with. I'm wondering if you'd feel comfy to share what bad and good days normally look like for you?

Have you found anything that helps you cope and get through the bad days?

Managing mental health issues while trying to stay on top of year 12 school work sounds incredibly challenging for one to be navigating on their own. It's completely understandable that finding the motivation to do well has been difficult.

Do you have anyone supporting you through it? Such as family/friend, teacher, or mental health professional? 

I came across some articles that might interest you if you're up for the read. One shares tips for managing anxiety here, and a similar one for depression here. There's also this article that shares tips for getting and staying motivated here

I hope you find these resources help 😊

Who rated this post