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Hi there @Turquoise_Hamster👋


I'm so sorry to read about the anxiety and catastrophising you're experiencing today - it's an awful feeling when you're frustrated by your own mind, and the racing thoughts just won't slow down. I can assure you that you're absolutely not alone with this. 


You mentioned that you couldn't see a way through the day which must be stressful. I'm wondering if you've ever felt this way before, and if so, was there anything you did that helped you relax? Sometimes even a good distraction (like watching your fave comfort movie/tv show) can be helpful. 


We have some articles you might find helpful to read when you're up to it. How to manage your anxiety and our collection of Ways to Relax might be worth checking out 😌 


Thank you for letting us know what's going on for you today, and know that we are here to continue chatting with you! 



Who rated this post