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Dear @-pringles- ,


I hear you how tough you have been having it lately. It sounds like trying to stay afloat right now requires incredible effort. I'm so sorry to read that there are many things that have not gone your way so far, including your dream of completing Year 12, and finding someone you love and loves you in return.


It must be so hard not be able to speak to your mother about what is happening. As I read that you want to leave home, is this something you are working towards? It may not happen over night, but there is support out there if this is truly what you are looking for.


I hear that at this time, you feel unloved and do not feel that your home is home. Yet please know you are not alone. You have the entire RO community around you.


I encourage you to practice some self-care tonight, and also, look out for an email coming your way.


Please take care.



Who rated this post