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Hi @alessx ,


I read things have been very difficult for you and you are reaching out for help. I'm sorry to hear that this situation has taken a toll on your mental health. It must be so difficult to have feelings for someone yet not be able to be with them.


At the same time, I read that he left in the first place because of his mental health. Do you know whether he has supports in place to help him around his MH?


I'm also curious as to whether you've been able to have a serious conversation with him to tell him how you feel? It may be a bit awkward at first, but if the break up was around his mental health, maybe it would help him to hear that you still love him, and want to help him through? On the other hand, if he wants a break for a while so he can focus on himself, it will also give you an indication to give him more time.


What do you think?


I'll also be sending you a check-in email.

Who rated this post