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Healthy Friendships : Who's your dream bestie?

Best Friends GIF by Hello All


Good friends can be hard to find, even more so if you're not sure what to look for or what a healthy friendship actually looks like! Some people might be lucky enough to meet their BFF when they start school, and others might not find their people until they leave school. Both are ok! It's important to surround yourself with friendships that make you feel GOOD, even if that takes a while!


So what makes a good friend?


  • Someone who accepts and respects you, you can be your true self around them with no judgement.
  • Someone you can trust, that you feel comfortable opening up to and know they will keep your private chats, private.
  • Someone who is there for you when things are tough, who can listen and support you when you need it.
  • Someone who makes you laugh! Who you can have fun with and feel happy around.


Thinking of those traits, if you could pick a dream best friend from a movie/TV show/cartoon, who would you pick and why? Let us know below, GIFs encouraged!

Who rated this post