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Hi Alx, Firstly  i would love to acknowledge how strong you are, with sharing your feelings about your partner. Relationships can be really tricky and can make you feel different things immensely. 


I can completely hear how you are feeling at the moment. Sometimes when I am in situations where I feel  periods of sadness or feeling flat. I try to practice self care. I love to journal and go for walks, this helps me rationalise my feelings but also helps me get out of the house. 


Do you have a trusted family or friend to talk to? Sometimes talking to the people we love can help ease some anxiety about situations. Being around the people you love in times may also make you feel supported!


Do you have anything that you love to do? Walking your dog?, getting coffee with friends, playing a video game, or reading. Sometimes prioritising yourself may help assist with acknowledging your negative feelings but then also prioritising you :).


Hope to hear from you soon! 

Who rated this post