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Hey @Ultramarine I'm so sorry to hear that when you opened up to your parents, they have responded in such an invalidating way. Even if it were just 'moodswings' (which it sounds like it's a bit more than that), it doesn't mean you shouldn't be shown empathy and compassion in response to your suffering. 


From the sounds of it you've got a pretty good bunch of friends, so if you believe they'd stick by you, then there's no reason not to act that way and let them know what you're going through. If you feel it would help to be able to open up to them, or even just one or two of them, then by all means use your best judgement. Besides, if your friends are the sort of people who would stop talking to you just because you're struggling, are they really the kind of people you would want to remain friends with? 


As for the school counsellor switching your classes... well that would depend entirely on the counsellor, but I can't see that as being their very first action. It would depend on whether doing so would actually be something that would be beneficial to you. Like, if you were struggling to keep up wth your studies or if you felt too much pressure from being in the class, it might be something to consider. But also, I highly doubt that kind of decision would be made without consulting you first. If you feel that this particular class is one that you enjoy, that you are able to apply yourself in, then I don't see there to be any reason for them to change that, and certainly not just because you walked in the door to the counsellors office. 


Also, just so you know, when you see any kind of mental health professional, you will typically be signing a confidentiality agreement. Basically what this means is that all information that is shared in that space is kept between you and the counsellor - unless the counsellor has reason to believe that you are at risk of harm, or at risk of harming someone else. You could even go in and just ask if they have a confidentiality form that you could read over so that you know what kinds of information is shared and what is kept private. This means that they can't tell the school anything, nor your parents, unless you give them consent to do so. Your school might have certain things they do share, but I can't be sure, hence why it could help to find out. 


It sounds like you could really use the extra support, and I sincerely doubt it would immediately lead to you losing so much. 

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