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@CosmicWolf798 I'm sorry to hear that things in your dating life are such a struggle right now. Whilst some people might think that two months is plenty of time to move on, every person and every relationship is different, and there's no 'correct' timeframe around how long it might take someone to feel ready to date again. If you're finding that dating right now is too stressful or that you're still grieving the loss of your relationship, it might be helpful to take some time to focus just on yourself for a while. 


Are there some things you're interested in, like hobbies or activities you could focus your time and energy into? Getting out and doing stuff that you enjoy is good for the soul, and you might even meet some new people. Friendships have just as much value to our lives as romantic relationships, and it can be incredibly exciting and fulfilling to form new connections with people without all the pressure that can sometimes come with dating. 


This applies also to the concept of being happy alone. Whilst it is good to work on our sense of self so that being by ourselves isn't a cause of distress, humans are social by nature, so finding people to connect with - friends, family, and partners alike - is very important. I think it's a very normal thing to be scared of ending up alone, especially after the end of a close relationship. But there are all sorts of ways to meet new people that don't have to involve online dating if you don't want them to. 


If you do feel like you might need a bit of extra support in moving forward, it's also always okay to ask for help. Could be worth considering whether to seek out a counsellor or therapist to help you work through the difficult feelings and find ways to nourish and nurture yourself. Then when you do find yourself connecting with someone, you can put your whole self into it without worrying about whether you're still mourning the loss of your relationship. 


I hope that you're able to find the things that bring you joy, and meet some new people who help you feel safe and valued.

Who rated this post