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Hi @CosmicWolf798

I understand you're having a tough time with a recent breakup and online dating. No breakup is ever easy and being with someone who doesn't reciprocate your feelings is not someone you want to continue putting effort into. Perhaps you may see this as a blessing in disguise as she may not have been worth your effort, love, and time. Often I believe that things happen for a reason and to teach us some things. In particular, this relationship may have ended for a reason, but there might be a few things you can take from that experience and apply in future relationships or to yourself. 


Online dating is rough, to say the least. I have a co-worker who is currently using dating apps and she is dealing with the same issues such as everyone looking at your appearance or getting ghosted. She has mentioned deleting them for a period to focus on herself, which I think is a great idea as in my experience once I began focusing on myself, love found me. 


I read in the thread that one of your hobbies is going to the gym, which is fantastic as I also love going to the gym. Do you have friends and/or family you can go out with? Considering you are also having some financial difficulties (which you mentioned in the thread), it can be just to hang out and play some board games, walk along a beach, go to a restaurant for coffee/dessert, or something inexpensive. Is that an option at the moment?

Who rated this post