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Hi @Stormy-RO

I think this is a fantastic way to reflect and remind ourselves that we are strong and resilient. 


To be honest, I am someone who tends to speak up often in many situations. However, I do have my moments where I am experiencing high levels of anxiety and am afraid to speak up and stand my ground. This can be frustrating as I never correct my meal or say what was needed to be said etc. 


Nevertheless, the last time I stood up for myself was during an argument with my partner (He consented to me sharing this story). We often have discussions and disagreements, but rarely an argument. During our argument, his emotions were very intense at the time and my reaction to how he was acting made me laugh. This was completely unintentional and was rude, and I know it made him feel awful but I truly couldn't help myself and busted out laughing. It was like a cause-and-effect moment, as he was expressing his thoughts with such anger it just caused me to laugh. His instant reaction was to tell me to F-off, not once but twice. 


Once things calmed down, I apologised for laughing instead of showing empathy and support. After further explanation and apologies, I expressed how I did not appreciate being told to F-off as it is disrespectful and I won't tolerate disrespect. The one thing my partner and I do is refrain from insulting each other during arguments as not only are we adults, but we know how hurtful words can be particularly during heated moments when we're already emotional, and how disrespectful it is. Thus, I made sure to mention my boundaries (disrespect and insults to name a few) again and in doing so, I received a sincere apology and accountability. Therefore, I was able to speak up and express that he passed a boundary and it will not be ignored or taken lightly. Safe to say that I don't think he will be telling me to F-off again anytime soon lol. 

Who rated this post