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Hi all, 


I think for many, Father's Day isn't our favourite day of the year. It can be really hard seeing all the Father's day messages, posts and gifts in the stores - it doesn't leave much room to have conversations about how heartbreaking, unconfortable and weird this day can be.


Personally, my dad and I have a complicated, but stable relationship, but he is living interstate so I rarely see him. I find Father's day hard because his relationships with my siblings is not good. Playing the mediator and trying to organise my siblings to help make the day special for my dad is tiring! I've learnt over the years that I should stop trying to fix their relationship, and focus on my own relationship with him. I often have to remind myself that I am not responsible for their actions. I also like to try and focus on happy, good memories that I have of us all. 


I think it's really important, for all of us, to just validate the difficulty of this day and allow ourselves and others to be frustrated, disappointed, sad, or any other feelings that might pop up. I think being present within ourselves and others about our feelings and thoughts is a good place to start as well. Mindfulness can be a good idea for this - I like to just look up some mindfulness videos on youtube to help me get into a good space of mind! 


I hope everyone looks after themselves and find support in others on this day 💛💛💛

Who rated this post