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Hi @elkamarina04 


This is great that you are trying to make the most out of your day, I often try to do the same. I will often set aside days for separate tasks and make it a routine so Monday is often my errand day for example, this is when I prep food, clean and do washing to start the week. The next few days and dedicated to work or uni so I'm not trying to cram everything into a couple days this often works for me. I would also suggest breaking the tasks down to smaller steps and think I need more time than I actually need so that way I have given myself more time than I anticipate, and I generally break my day up into 4 blocks early morning, mid morning, early afternoon and late afternoon and allocate task to that part of the day but also gives me breaks in between. 


I hope this helps, a list does help too but I personally find them more overwhelming than not having one. 

Who rated this post