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Hi cow_rider, 


Thank you for making this post! This is definitely something you can post on here, don't worry about it. 


Sorry to hear about what you're going through. It sounds really rough not being able to eat gluten and to have to face all the eating restrictions because of it. In particular, it sounds like your worry about the availability of gluten-free food at places is discouraging you from joining family events and seeing friends.


Have you talked about these concerns with your friends and family? I think if they do care about you, they would be more than happy to make plans with your dietary needs in mind. It would be even better if they show interest in searching up/googling restaurants with good gluten free food such that there can be more food variety. In other words, I'm trying to say that I don't think you should feel that you have to take this all upon yourself, but I empathize with the struggles you're experiencing.


Hope this helps :))




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