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Hey @Tallboi21 it's nice to see you back again 😊 


I can really hear your frustration at being rejected and having people slowly pull away from you. It's difficult to understand why it's happening, as even though you're adults there's no easy way to figure out why unless you ask directly. Feeling like the 'disposable' friend is difficult to deal with too. I think it shows a lot of persistence on your part to keep working on yourself to make new friends, like becoming more extroverted and trying new things. These are life skills that can apply in so many different situations!


It's interesting that your friend and psychologist have both mentioned you struggle reading social cues. How do you feel about them saying that? Do you think that might have something to do with being socially anxious in the past? We have an article here on social awkwardness. I wonder if any of the observations in there stand out as things you've been working on in yourself?


I also wonder if you could talk to your friend or people you trust about what qualities you have which they like in you and want to connect with you over. As you've said, sometimes it can help to have an outside opinion, both positive and negative, to help you reflect. What do you think?

Who rated this post