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Hi @visions_9374  🙂


Thank you for coming here and sharing what's been going on for you. I want to acknowledge how much strength and courage it takes to share this with us and to reach out for some support. I'm so glad that you have felt like you can share this with us and want you to know that we are all here to listen and support you as much as we can 💜


I am sorry to hear that you have been going through a difficult time at school. It sounds like you are trying hard to get through this and you don't have to do this alone. I am hearing that there continues to be a lot of things happening at school that are really triggering for you at the moment. I can understand why you feel sick of people right now and you deserve to be treated equally. It also sounds like you carry so much knowledge around what works for you as your communication style. 


Bullying in any form is not acceptable, we want you to know that you are deserving of healthy friendships. Here are some articles that you might like to have a read of to explore what you are going through what to do if you are being bullied , what to do about bullying and having a Bullying action plan. I see that you are able to recognise that what your friend is doing is unfair as they're not communicating anything with you, this article here how to deal with a toxic friendship can help you navigate through this friendship. 


If you feel you need so speak to someone, you can phone Kids Helpline | Phone Counselling Service | 1800 55 1800. I wonder if there are any adults at school you can speak to about this? 


I hope that even just in posting here you are feeling a little lighter, and I hope you find it to be a super welcoming and supportive community.


Please take lots of care, you deserve it.

Who rated this post