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Holiday Blues?

The holidays are a useful time to get in some self-care, connect with loved ones, and reprioritise yourself after a tough year. However, many of us find the holidays difficult. There’s a lot of pressure to make the most of time with family, go travelling and relax all at once. A lack of structure and routine can make it difficult to unwind, or you may find it lonely to not see friends regularly. It might also feel weird to take time out of your life to do nothing when you’re usually driven by productivity! 


There are a few ways to tackle your time off while still getting some much-needed rest. Some ways you can fill in your holiday schedule include:

  • Sticking with regular habits, like sleep routine or activities. Getting a healthy amount of sleep (not too much or little) can help keep you healthy, or you might want to exercise at the same time or amount as you usually would during the school term. 
  • Step away from doom scrolling. Make an effort to get outside when you can, or try watching an informative video rather than hours of reels.
  • Try a new activity which gets your brain working, like puzzles, drawing, or learning a new hobby off the internet.
  • Keep in contact with friends. Leave the messaging apps for a while and try some other ways to connect, like meeting up in person, going to a new cafe or playing a game. If you can’t get together in person, some platforms like Discord offer minigames within the app, or you could watch a movie together online!
  • Try volunteering your time once a week. You may find a local bush regeneration site, an op shop, nursing home or food kitchen to work at. Seek Volunteer can also give you some ideas. 


Now over to you! What do you do in your holidays to make them enjoyable?

Who rated this post