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Hi @Kitty_Kat_goes_woof Thank you for being so open with us about what's been happening for you. It sounds like you have been feeling pretty anxious starting the new year, but you have found a self-care app helpful, and have also been engaging in some pretty cool hobbies- reading, crocheting, collecting squishmallows, and learning 2 languages! We actually have a whole library of apps you might like to explore as well if you find apps helpful. It sounds like you also find humour a helpful way of processing things, judging by the title of your post and your trade marking 🙂 


Despite the strength I can see in your use of coping strategies, I can also hear how confusing the messages from people in your life around your eating have been. It can be so frustrating and even upsetting when others make comments about our bodies. I know you said you don't have an eating disorder, but I would like to share the Butterfly Foundation as a support service, in case it is helpful. This can be a helpful resource for any kind of concerns around body image and eating, and you did mention that you were looking for reassurance


I was also wondering if you feel comfortable sharing whether you have any supports around the medical struggles you mentioned?

I just wanted to give you a heads up as well that I've made some edits to your post in accordance with our guidelines, and have also added a spoiler tag and trigger warning.

Who rated this post