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Hey @Jardin ! 


Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Sexuality is such a tricky theme that pops up as we grow up. It comes with alot of taboo and people are often scared to talk about it - especially when what they feel doesn't "fit the norm". 


I firstly want to say - what you're feeling is completely normal. Despite the pressure these days to have a partner and explore your sexuality, that's not something that everyone wants to do. Over the past few decades, marriage and kids has become far less popular. There are lots of people out there who feel similarly to you in not having a big interest in physical connection - myself included!


For me, during high school, nearly alllll of my friends had lost their virginity - and I still hadn't. I felt so much pressure and they would often try to "set me up" with boys, when I simply had no interest. Although our experiences could be completely different (and that's okay), I discovered my interest in sex was based on emotional connection first. I had to really connect with someone in order to feel attracted to them physically. Despite nagging from my friends on nights out, I have never felt interested in hooking up with someone etc. before truly knowing and liking them. 


I think that putting your energy into surrounding yourself with supportive, non-judgemental friends who make you feel completely yourself is so important! Reading more romance books (the characters are always better than real life anyways hehe) and comics, going to the movies with friends and making fab memories. 


Enjoy being single and exploring what makes you, you 🙂 


Who rated this post