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Hi @Lavender_Starling


I am sorry to hear what you are going through, but I understand it is hard to feel connected. I often think that social media is a big barrier to this and I try connecting otherwise or using this to my advantage. I also think another barrier particularly when leaving school is work/ uni, my friends and I work a lot of opposite shifts/ nights and we all sort of make it hard to catch up. 


Just wondering do you work. Work is often a great place to meet people and even people your own age, you can really connect with them and can even start talking about work-related things if you need to something particular and can then eventually progress to friendships. 

I also wonder what your hobbies are and if you feel comfortable joining groups within your hobbies, online forums are a great way to connect with people who have the same hobbies as you. Even social media groups are good ways. For example, I am someone who enjoys going to the gym and moving I signed up with PT in my area who added me into a group with other girls who are around my age and we've been able to connect well with each other through our fitness journey. This might be an option. 


You also mentioned you had friends from high school but you are went separate ways are there any you still talk to or feel like reaching out too. It definitely can be daunting but it might prompt meeting up for a coffee and you guys reconnect as friends and they might be able to help and introduce you to other people. 


I hope this helps otherwise there are always people on the forums here you can connect with. 


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