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26th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Activity

Our second Wellbeing Wednesday activity! 

@Jay-RO introduced the idea over here - and we will be posting a new activity each Wednesday for everyone to participate in if you'd like!


So this week, we're doing a bit of reflection on what we are grateful for and sharing a picture (remembering to be anonymous) or describing what we are grateful for.

Have a think of what you are grateful for - could be something recently, in your overall life, anything!

Write down 3 things you are grateful for 



My example

I'm grateful for

1. My psychologist - since I met her she's been someone who I can confide in and help guide me along my recovery

2. RO - I am grateful for the support I've received over the years and how current and past staff, mods and users have really helped shape who I am and enabled me to get the help I needed. I'm also grateful that now I am able to give back to an organisation who has helped me soo much!

3. Technology - advances in technology mean that we get cooling on hot days! And without that IDK how we'd manage in this heatwave we're getting Smiley Tongue


Give it a go! I would love to hear your reflections, but no pressure to share if you'd prefer to do this one solo Smiley Happy  Also remember we have this thread Today I am grateful for... 

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: 26th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Activity

lovely things to be grateful for Smiley Wink @Bee


1. my khl counsellor - she has been a strong support especially recently and im very thankful for her guiding me through the thick and thinHeart

2. RO - i may have not been here for as long some of you hehe @Bee but im beyond grateful for all the support and love ive received over the last 6 monthsSmiley Happy from @Jess1-RO contacting G that stressed me out but now im super thankful for and just the vibes of this community is amazing Heart truely is a home Smiley Happy

3. my beautiful internet friends - ever since i made a recovery account on instagram, not too sure im in recovery but im trying Smiley Happy ive met the most amazing aussie and kiwis who constantly send me messages to check inHeart

Re: 26th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Activity

Smiley Very Happy
Amazing things to be grateful for @litgym! I love your list! Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: 26th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Activity

I didn't know whether or not we'd do this this week because of Boxing Day Yay!

I'm grateful for:

1. My puppies. They constantly light up my world, their unconditional love, loyalty and personalities never fail to make me smile Smiley Happy I love them so much and they're one of the best things to ever happen to me.

2. RO. I agree with you guys @Bee and @litgym! RO is honestly one of, if not the best supports out there and I wish that more people knew about this service. The time and effort people go to to respond to your messages with support and helpfulness is so incredibly sweet and lovely. I love how people find ways to support others even thought they're struggling and need support themselves.

3. My Mum. Smiley Happy Though she has her flaws she's always stuck by me and she's made up for the fact that I only have one stable and supportive parent. She's raised me through the hardships and I'm forever thankful to her for that :0

Re: 26th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Activity

beautiful reasons !! Heart @annabethxchase

Re: 26th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Activity

1. RO- the entire staff have been amazing and i have met some awesome friends here who ive shared both good and bad times with and that is something i treasure and will always do so.

2. my car and my licence- for without it i wouldnt have the freedom i have now even though its very restricted.

3. music- it has been the only constant helpful thing in my life. It gives me a good escape, drowns out thoughts and brings abit of peace in the chaos of life.
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Re: 26th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Activity

Loving your responses @annabethxchase @scared01 Smiley Happy
So many amazing things to be grateful for Heart

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: 26th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Activity

I'm a bit late to this but wanted to still contribute Smiley Happy


Three things I'm grateful for:

  • My psych, even though I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks. Having a constant support over the last few years has done wonders for my progress
  • Education. I'm currently trying to get a head start on the units I'll be doing next year, as it'll be my final year of undergrad (!!!) and I need good marks if I want to do honours
  • ABC Kids. I'm currently watching Teletubbies on the TV and I love the innocence and nostalgia Smiley Tongue Heart
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Re: 26th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Activity

Also late to this thread!

Three things I'm grateful for:
1. RO: Even though this has been mentioned so many times by the other users, RO really is one of the most supportive communities out there and I love how everyone is so nice, patient, welcoming and inclusive Smiley Happy. It can be unbelievable just how awesome this community is Smiley Happy. It makes sharing our lived experiences really worthwhile and for that, I'm truly grateful Smiley Happy
2. Books: They were literally the things that got me out of my dark times (especially last year) and encouraged me to practice self-compassion.
3. My brother: For supporting me and having my back (especially with work)

Btw, I'm totally loving Wellbeing Wednesdays!
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Re: 26th Dec Wellbeing Wednesday Activity

Yay! Thanks for posting this @Bee Smiley Happy I love all the things that people have posted @litgym @annabethxchase @scared01 @Esperanza67!!! Smiley Very Happy You can never be late to these threads, because you can post whenever you want! Smiley Very Happy

Three things I'm grateful for:
1. That friend who listens. I feel like I'm a bother but you keep proving me wrong. So a bazillion thank yous, friend.
2. My managers. They are fantastic people who helped me so much and I am so grateful. You rock.
3. That Stimtastic posts to Australia. I love their stuff, so much awesome stimmy things that are way to expensive here in Australia Smiley Tongue