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52 Small Things weekly challenge

The Mighty has a self-care weekly challenge with every week a different focus. I've just jumped in on week 9 which focuses on connecting to people in your life or community or online. 

So for this challenge I have

- Had a phone chat with a family friend I hadn't spoken to for a long time 

- Visited my grandpa and saw my cousin visiting form overseas who met my son for the first time

- Called Parentline for a chat about something

- Had my friends birthday dinner and saw all my old school friends 

- Grieved with a mutual friend of someone who we loved who suddenly passed away


This is the link to info about the weekly goals


Re: 52 Small Things weekly challenge

@dncinginthedirt wow! You have done some amazing things this week, how do you feel? 

This challenge seems like a fantastic idea! I'll definitely be trying some out and i'll report back Smiley Happy


I am sorry to hear that you lost someone you love, I'm sending you a lot of love and hugs Heart 

Please let us know if we can do anything to support you during this time xxx


Also so great that you got to see your family from over seas! I bet they loved meeting your son, what a special moment xx

Re: 52 Small Things weekly challenge

Hey @lennycat2017 did you get a chance to try anything out? I didn't do any of the last week's one which was to do with sleep hygine.

Re: 52 Small Things weekly challenge

@dncinginthedirt  such a really cool thread idea! I might have to check the challenge out Heart

We're having a SLOW-MO Getting Real chat to do with Generational Differences, starting on Monday the 11th of November! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart